Prolanthropy | Shelton Quarles' IMPACT Foundation

"Our vision is to continue as our industry's leader by keeping the philanthropic goals of our professional athletes in the forefront of everything we do, operating with complete integrity and by living up to our Guiding Principles."

Prolanthropy is the largest and most successful provider of philanthropy management services in professional sports. Having established an industry leading presence built on nearly two decades of world-class results, Prolanthropy stands alone as the "go to" organization for the "Good Guys" in professional sports.

We are proud to collaborate with some of the biggest names in professional sports, creating opportunities for professional athletes to share their success and gain positive exposure through their own charitable efforts.

Prolanthropy | From Jeff Ginn, President & CEO

Prolanthropy works with professional athletes to develop creative solutions that accomplish their philanthropic goals. We provide professional charity and event management. Prolanthropy helps clients develop their philanthropic visions, design executable strategic roadmaps and manage operations.  

We are focused on providing our clients with exceptional service and the finest talent our industry has to offer. Prolanthropy is committed to developing strategic plans, first-class events and creative programs that allow our clients to impact the lives of people in need. Each program and event is created from the ground-up based on our clients’ individual visions and goals.  

Our vision at Prolanthropy is to continue as the industry leader by keeping the philanthropic goals of our clients in the forefront of everything we do and operating with complete integrity by living up to our guiding principles – Clients, Community, Profitability and People.

Prolanthropy | Leadership

Jeff Ginn
President & Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Rice            
Chief Financial Officer             
  Ken Taylor
Chief Operating Officer
Amy Grieme            
Director of Foundation Management 
  Randi Burns
Director of Communications & Marketing
  Katie Hayden
Director of Programs & Events

Prolanthropy | Guiding Principles


  • Our Clients are our business.
  • We must provide innovative services that excite our clients and exceed their expectations.
  • We will promise only what we know can be delivered and we will always strive to deliver more than was promised.
  • We are dedicated to maximizing our clients' revenues by providing creative solutions, an unparalleled level of expertise and unprecedented results.
  • We are focused on providing our clients with the finest, most advanced portfolio of experts, relationships and services the industry has to offer.


  • Our people are the company.
  • Prolanthropy has been built upon mutual trust, personal integrity, respect for dignity of the individual, a spirit of cooperation, and a sense of family and fun.
  • We cultivate a leadership style that embraces the attitudes of personal autonomy and empowerment; individual initiative and teamwork; employee involvement and continuous improvement; and open, non-defensive communication.
  • We want employees to share in their company's success, both financially and through personal growth and fulfillment.
  • The most unfair system of all is one that blindly treats all situations the same.
  • Therefore, we discourage rigid rules and policies in favor of a philosophy of individual responsibility and flexibility, so that real needs, rather than the rules, are met.
  • Suppliers are our partners, an extension of our company. They must share our commitment to total quality that exceeds our clients' expectations.


  • We are a company that has a sincere and genuine desire to impact the lives of those less fortunate in our community and the communities that we work with.


  • Profitability is the ultimate measure of how efficiently and effectively we serve our clients and is the only true source of long-term job security.
  • Profitability and financial resources give us the freedom to shape our future and achieve our vision.